Adam White Personal Trainer


Adam White is the Head Coach at AWPTS. He specialises in helping clients to perform at their best in all aspects of life through his unique postural strengthening and movement programs, delivering both physical and psychological confidence for all aspects of life.

I work with a small handful of clients at a time to ensure that they are getting my full, undivided attention. I’m extremely selective about the people I do work with as I believe a strong relationship between client and trainer is vital for sustaining commitment and getting great results for my clients.

The origin of my passion for becoming a personal trainer is because when I first grew up I lost both of my grandfathers who I dearly loved. One to diabetes and another to a heart attack and so from early age I was influenced to a mission for health and well being.

Later in life, I worked in property, advertising and sales and had been avid and competitive in karate until reaching the UK squad. Unfortunately, I had a car accident and had severe trauma and injury to my neck and spine due to whiplash. I went to Dr’s, osteopaths, physiotherapists, therapists and chiropractors until I could figure out how to heal my pain and become strong again.

After chiropractic work with a national Canadian ice hockey player, I worked out how to fix my spine and remove pain from my body. During that time I found Arnold Scharznegger’s book on bodybuilding the modern encyclopedia of bodybuilding and focused on every exercise on straightening my back. When I returned to Josh my chiropractor he said that my recovery and muscle mass was phenomenal and so I realised that I had a calling and a passion in the industry of personal training and so my mission in healing and empowering others began.

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I want to empower men and women in to the best shape and health of their lives.


Accepting clients in the gym, park and online NOW!
IF you are a Romney House Resident Please fill in the first 4 sections.
You will need a confirmation from Adam White to access the gym.

All residents are entitled to 1hr gym access per day.
Make sure to book 24hours in advance to avoid disappointment as time slots fill very quickly!
Please bring a face mask when accessing the gym.