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5 tips to combat cellulite on the back of the legs and butt.

There is not any concrete evidence that you can eliminate cellulite from your body but there are ways to improve cellulite from the back of the legs and butt. 1 do exercises that work that area and around that area first. Exercises like around the clock lunges. Goblet squats, single

By |June 28th, 2021|

8 reasons why online coaching is a must.

Hi! I'm going to be brief with this intro. Here is why online coaching is a must to me and I would reccomend it to you. EXPERTISE 1 I can get an expert in any field I would like to improve in and get into his/her mindset and years of

By |June 27th, 2021|

A low calorie diet for slim legs and shapely glutes

1 LOW CALORIE DIETS A low calorie diet is not always the remedy for optimum health in the long term. A low calorie diet is great for helping to simplify diets. 2 SLIM, SHAPELY AND HEALTHY If I want to get myself or my clients slimmer and shapely or out

By |June 26th, 2021|

3 Reasons Why I Became a Personal Trainer

Personal training is personal. Yes, people want results and to get in shape, but a change must happen to stay consistent and work on dietary habits. Therefore, Personal Trainers must develop relationships with clients to identify their endurance levels and create comprehensive workout programs tailored to their goals. Close connections

By |June 24th, 2021|

5 tips to reduce cellulite from the back of your legs and butt

Here are 5 tips to combat and possibly reduce cellulite 1 Exercise. This helps because training major muscles will help with sculpting muscles and losing bodyfat. The exercise I would pick are around the clock lunges to target the different directions of the butt and its a good way to

By |June 22nd, 2021|

Can you burn fat and build booty?

Yes you can. Put simply. By understanding your hormones and how they affect your muscular health and performance and then taking action. A food diary will keep you aware and able to account and track the foods that leave you optimal in health and muscular and mental performance. You can

By |June 20th, 2021|

Foods that affect your health and your booty gains

I have been training several women this week and looking closely at how success's and setbacks have occured. Body shape or booty shape in the case of this article does get affected by diet. The biggest enemies from peoples glories and victories lies and ties closely to eating too much

By |June 19th, 2021|

Is Butt Building good for your posture?

Building your booty or butt looks good. Butt building will help you feel great about yourself and your confidence.   Here is why. Strong glutes equals strong posture, and strong posture equals a strong spine, and a strong spine equals strong mental energy and muscles and a skeletal and nervous

By |June 15th, 2021|

4 tips to lose weight without quitting alcohol

Are you struggling to lose weight? In this article I will show you 5 easy ways to lose 1kg of bodyfat, belly fat or ways of losing weight without quitting alcohol. 1. Drink a large glass of water everytime you drink a glass of wine. Why? Because this will keep

By |June 11th, 2021|

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