I’ve been playing around with the 100 rep range and realise that it’s effective for a lot of things. It’s effective for speed and endurance and has lots of performance benefits, the military use this method and so do bodybuilders, both for very different reasons. The army want to keep on moving powerfully whilst the bodybuilder is trying to fill as much blood into the targeted muscle to get that pump and stimulate maximal muscle growth.

Heres are some benefits to doing a 100 rep set of bodyweight moves such as push ups, chin ups, sit ups, and squats:

  1. The army use it for endurance to keep moving powerfully and beating the lactic acid wear and tear
  2. Bodybuilders use it to pump blood so its a great tool to help with building muscles
  3. Fighters use it for speed because they can do a lot of reps quickly
  4. Athletes will also use it develop speed with strength and endurance
  5. It’s a great workout to do on holiday to tone up quickly when you don’t have any equipment, if you don’t know many bodyweight exercises check out my short ebook it’s only £4.99 and is packed with a whole array of options in there and videos to follow.
  6. It’s a great alternative to feeling fitter than if you are always doing sets of 8-10 reps doing weights
  7. It gets you in tune with your body and how to improve and concentrate in a single movement at a time

I hope this gives you some food for thought or add a new element to your next training session.