1. How To Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Go To Heaven

I read this book just before I started attracting the right people and opportunities in to my life as well as building the confidence and self belief to own my first personal training studio, which has led me to a more purposeful and meaningful career. One of the most important lessons it taught me was to love and be passionate about what you do or stop doing what you do and go out and find what it is you love. Another great lesson was the idea of paying myself first and consistently investing in my personal development by putting away 10% of my earnings to create certainty wealth and security. This book is an must have resource for those who want to manage their money more effectively.

2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Everybody loves this book but my favourite principle and most powerful message I took away was that every relationship in your life, from your clients to friends or family must be win-win. Relationships should never start from someone fulfilling somebody else’s lack, both parties should profit and grow from any arrangement. You must always look to help people succeed with you. Nobody should come out of a relationship without any value be delivered. Value must be given to be received.  This philosophy will help you to not only create an ethical business but a more enjoyable and rewarding life, growing with those you respect around you.

3. How To Win Friends and Influence People

This is another great book for building a good business philosophy and for coaching and bringing value to others. One stand out lesson I learned was that you should always be asking questions, which is something I like to do with all of my personal training clients. Being genuinely interested in others makes for healthier and happier relationships and means you can serve that person more effectively and on their level. People who constantly talk about themselves all day are usually lacking self belief and compassion and it’s impossible to be a personal training without both these qualities.

I’ll be sharing more book and material that have helped shape me and my business over the coming months.

Happy Reading,

Adam White