Personal training is personal. Yes, people want results and to get in shape, but a change must happen to stay consistent and work on dietary habits.

Therefore, Personal Trainers must develop relationships with clients to identify their endurance levels and create comprehensive workout programs tailored to their goals.

Close connections with clients allow me to check in with them once a week to examine their diet, weight, progression and concerns without being intrusive.

My Reasons 

Here are the three reasons that inspired me to become a Personal Trainer;

1. My passion for health and dietician started at six when my Grandad had Diabetes. A few years later, my Grandad was misdiagnosed and died in the hospital. I was distraught and wanted to climb a ladder to heaven and bring him back down, but I couldn’t. However, he is still with me in heart and spirit.

I lost my other Grandad at nine years old. My last memory of him was at his birthday meal, accompanied by my Grandma, parents and my sister at a Chinese restaurant. I remember it like yesterday; we were all laughing and having a great night. The following morning my father told me that Grandad was dead. I didn’t believe him; how could this be true?

The doctors advised Grandad not to eat sugar due to his high blood pressure. I remember there being sweet and sour chicken and banana fritters; too much sugar can be deadly.


2. When i was 11 years old, I looked like the Elephant Man’s son. Red rashes covered my skin, and I was itching from head to toe. I was a skinny boy and a very fussy eater. It used to drive my mum nuts, but I understand why when I look back at it now.

Food Choices

My Mum always admired that I wanted to be Superman, Luke Skywalker, Batman, Spiderman, and Bruce Lee. She fed me oranges to make me strong, unaware it was causing my skin to break out in rashes. I took several treatments and injections at the hospital, but none worked. One private doctor gave me an infection that I thought would kill me. Seriously! After this, my parents decided to take me to a Naturopath who placed electrodes between my toes and advised me to avoid food and drinks containing citric acids. 

After a few weeks into my diet, my health fully recovered, and the rashes stopped. These early lessons taught me the importance of caring for my health and well-being.

Healthy Spine, Healthy Mind

3. At 23, I was involved in a major car accident where my car was hit at 60mph, causing it to do a 360-degree spin, nearly hitting a lampost. I suffered head and back injuries from the whiplash, which caused me severe pain. My doctor referred me to a Chiropractor and Psychotherapist for treatment.

Weightlifting Is Healing

During my recovery, I took up weightlifting after reading Arnold Scharznegger’s Modern Encyclopedia of Body Building which changed my life. I concentrated on back and chest exercises and had access to various athletes because I was part of the UK Karate squad. Back then, some friends were Boxers, Firefighters, Ice Hockey players and competitive fighters. It was a great set-up. A Firefighter taught me how to do deadlifts and bent rows. I returned to my Chiropractor, who was amazed at my quick recovery and increased muscle mass in three weeks.


The doors finally opened, and I found my calling: to help others. If I could heal my body, soul and spirit so quickly, surely I could help others. I am 43 years old and still fascinated by all of my clients, whether they’re athletes, models, bodybuilders, Firefighters etc. I admire that I can help transform people’s lives by educating them on training, nutrition and spirit, which I learnt from a young age.