Personal training is personal. Yes of course people want to have results and want to get in shape but to stay consitent and work on dietary habits change must happen.

For change to happen there must be conversation, consistency, depth and connection between the client and the trainer.

Think about this. Every week with clients I will check in with their weight, their progress, their concerns and what they ate that was a poor choice and a great one. Week by week looking at failures and progressions. This is personal. It is a personal and deep relationship.


So here i decided to share 3 reasons as to why I became a trainer looking back at my life.

1 I got really into health and diet and the importance of food since 6 years old and 9 years old. Why? Because at 6 years old my grandfather suffered from diabetes. He was misdiagnosed at hospital and died. I wanted to climb a ladder to heaven to bring him back down. I couldn’t. He is still here with me in heart and spirit.

At 9 years old I lost my other grandfather. I remember we all went out in his birthday and went for chinese food with my grandma, my parents and my sister. We were all laughing and had a great night. The next morning my father tells me his dad is dead. I dont believe him. How can this be true?


There was a memory. Doctors mentioned that he shouldnt touch sugar due to his high blood pressure. I remember the sweet and sour chicken and the banana fritters. So much enjoyable sugar can be deadly.

2 When i was 11 years old I looked like the elephant mans son. I was covered in huge red rashes, my skin was itching everywhere. I was skinny as a boy and was a very fussy eater. It used to drive my mum nuts. I look back and feel for her on this. Lol.


My mum lovingly knew i wanted to be superman, Luke Skywalker and Batman and Spiderman and Bruce Lee. These were and are my heroes. She kept giving me oranges to make me strong. I kept getting rashes and going to hospital and takinh every possible remedy and injection. One private doctor gave me an infection I thought would kill me. Seriuosly. After this my parents had the intuition and wisdom to take me to a naturopath. He put electrodes between my toes to tell us that I must avoid all citrus fruits, drinks and foods. Literally anything with Citric Acid.

After avoiding these foods. My health was fantastic. These early lessons taught me great values for my health and shape and have kept me optimal until now.


3 A car crash at 23 years old.

My car is a write off. I am hit at 60 mph and my car spins 360 degrees and almost hits a lamp post.

The after effect and suffering is hard to take. I have head pains and back pains from whip lash.

I have to see a chiropractor and a psychotherapist. The Nhs have reccomended me to these routes. I have head, neck pain and spine pain and these are my reccomendations.


Funny enough these routes led me to reflection and to healing and reading Arnold Scharznegger’s modern encyclopedia of body building. This book changed my life. I focused on all of the back exercises and worked on the chest and back programme and back then had access to a wealth of athletes as i was in the Uk Karate squad at the time and some of my friends were firefighters, boxers and competitive fighters as well as ice hockey players. It was a great set up. A firefighter taught me how to do deadlifts and bent over rows properly.

I went back to my chiropractor who was a canadian who was a pro ice hockey player and he was amazed by my 3 week recovery and increase in muscle mass in such a short time with such a short recovery.


The doors opened up. I had found my passion. I thought if I can heal my body and my mind and my spirit so easily and quickly surely this is my calling to help others. Today, I am 43 years old and still fascinated by my clients whether they are athletes, models, fitness models, bodybuilders, fighters, house mums, young, old, in shape, out of shape. I love the fact that i can help anyone, absolutely anyone with what i have learnt about movement, about training, about mindset and about nutrition and spirit and how these things can transform our lives.