Men and women aged over 50 can get as fit as younger guys and girls, however it takes more effort.  Eating right, regular exercise and health screens are essential.

Do a yearly health screen which includes bloodworks.

People in their 5os must reduce their alcohol to no more than 2 drinks a day. Ideally one drink a night.

They must eat healthy meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and fats. Getting calcium from broccolli and kale. Vitamin D from tuna.

A healthy heart and brain comes from adding foods like salmon, eggs and almonds into  your diet as they help with omega 3 and 6.  They help with healing and with inflammation.

Regular Physical Activity helps the mental aspect of health.

Walking for heart health.

Body resistance training for shape and muscle building.  Experts reccomend both types of exercise.

Stay social for mental health and an improved memory.

Learn new things.

There is a connection between healthy living for over 50s to sexual health too.

Losing health for  women means, losing youth and reduced sex drive. Studies have shown that weight loss is a tool for improving hormonal balance and minimising menopausal symptoms for women over 50.

For men, lowered testosterone, energy, mood and changes in bodyfat like man boobs. Studies have shown that a 10% reduction in bodyweight increases testosterone by 20%.


so here goes with the tips I got from my client Will. He transformed himself  from a 38 waist to a 32 waist, I interviewed my own client so he could share his perspective on frustrations, actions and ultimately changes for the better.

My FIRST question was. What were your first three issues before you felt healthy?

He said

1 not feeling healthy

2 health issues like gaining weight, not having energy and mental exhaustion

3 wanting to live longer


My SECOND question was.

What 3 tips could you give those aged over 50 to get healthy and stay there?

His answer was this

woman gym exercise


Consistency of maintaining a diet eating healthy, exercising, doing the right exercises, using my bodyweight without being at a gym and being a gym bunny.  Weighing myself daily, showing up for training and good eating habits.


Commitment to succed.


Educating yourself about food, about the body, reading about the body. Reading about food. Learning to cook, what works and doesnt work. Awareness of what foods make you gain weight and eat healthy.


A mental attitude of recognizing your successes and enjoying them, the feeling you get about yourself. Self awareness of your success. Doing things you didnt think were possible, changing from cant do it because your too old to you can do it. Buying clothes that fit your looking well and fitting your body.


Will went from 236 lbs, 107kg at a 38 inch waist to 188lbs, to 85kg  at a 32 inch waist, -and is still improving as we speak.

We continue talking and Will says to me.

Commitment and consistency were the biggest things. NOT huge changes, BUT daily life changes. 4 days a week training, walking daily, NOT a huge commitment. Food being the biggest thing, the food we eat is so bad, its just shit. PREPACKAGED FOODS AND READY MEALS. He continues. Read the labels, make your own food. Buy raw, chicken, turkey, fish, tomatoes. The biggest thing, CARBS, causing me stomach issues, there are so many chemicals in packaged food. Reduce alchohol intake. 1 Food. 2 The right exercises 3 Commitment

Because of the pandemic we did bodyweight exercises. You dont need a gym, just a matt.

He then continued telling me about my industry, the PT INDUSTRY and his experiences.

It’s an unregulated industry, PEOPLE with good bodies who don’t know how to handle people in their 50’s. Most trainers dont have the right knowledge or education to support that.  Don’t spend a fortune on shit trainers. Mentally and physically I am in a different place. he tells me

I am 59 years old, a man, with heart issues, I tried to maintain cardio, didn’t have success with previous trainers, border line diabetic, now thats not even a question, blood work has come well, no heart issues anymore. Heart health is as good as it can be.

He continues telling me that he goes for walks for miles with the energy and confidence to do whatever he wants.