Hey, guys and girls, let’s go for a 30-day commitment to getting your health and shape in gear. Ok let’s not expect to get miracle shape in 30 days but yes let’s expect to get awesome progress and dedication in 30 days.


So here’s the challenge train a minimum of 3 times a week, and a range of up to 5 times a week and if your a fitness nut like myself you can, of course, train every day to get into a peak state of simply being and feeling awesome.

On these days you will do 30 minutes of strength and resistance training to firm and sculpt the body and then followed by 30 minutes of cardio to increase energy and fat burning.

There will be dietary and supplemental changes.. upping the greens. Having fats like flaxseed.. fish oils and avocados. Lots of lettuce. Dietary fibres. VEGAN protein so that you do not get the inflammatory effect of dairy. LIMIT MEAT and fish or at least reduce it unless of course, you are vegetarian or vegan. Before workouts have a caffeine supplement to get the best out of your workout.

Let’s see what you can achieve in 30 days please do email results.. tag me your results on my Instagram page on adamwhitept and also on my facebook page Adam white personal training studios. Why do this! Because it’s a psychological fact that we improve performance dramatically and significantly when observed and held accountable. And tell your friends about it.

See what the best results are that you can possibly get and in return to the best testimonial and results in I’m going to give you free personal training sessions for the week of your choice. Yes, that’s right if you can make it here in sw1 I will train you every day for a week.

Also for those of you that want help personally from myself or my team, book in your personal training sessions mentioning your goals and taking part in this challenge.

The other thing you can do is check out my Arbonne account at adamanthonywhite.arbonne.com and get your supplements from there that cover everything you need. I cant wait to see your results. Best of luck and happy shaping.