I see a lot of people working out, I see a lot of people doing different things, from activities to locations, from personal trainers, to athletes, to personal training studios all over london… and courses online and in the states…

the thing is people that train are not always healthy or fit in my books depending on my perspective of fitness, health and longevity.. people in muscle building gyms or studios tend to get a lot of upper body injuries..or use substances that mess up their internal organs, then there are others who go to woo woo, in the yoga or martial arts world, where what is usually lacking is nutritional balance and strength training.

I’ve looked at yoga and seen some major flaws, and the major flaw of yoga is that it can get people to hyperextend because yoga is based on different masters with different limb lengths.. which may not suit your limb lengths….

not only have i trained with all kind of athletes, trainers, martial artists and fighter, but from the other end i have also been supported with remedial therapy, sports injury, chiropractic and osteopathic treatments.

and long term health comes down to 4 stretches daily and a few other drills outside of that that you can get away with
1 box splits and easier variables
2 splits forward and on both sides
3 yoga shoulder stretch and lock
4 the bridge and variations

then to assist these hold 4 minutes each side for each stretch everyday
do a 400m run or walk and 1000 skips if you can and know how to

then re do these stretches, if flexibility and long term movement is important to you do these, and for long term health add in the one leg foot balances on each side with your eyes closed…