Are you struggling to lose weight?

In this article I will show you 5 easy ways to lose 1kg of bodyfat, belly fat or ways of losing weight without quitting alcohol.

1. Drink a large glass of water everytime you drink a glass of wine.

Why? Because this will keep your hydrated so you can keep control of your senses.  You can keep a clear head and that will help you to curb you from over drinking.

You will also feel more full and relaxed in social situations as you will have something to drink and can sat that the glass of water is for health and fitness goal reasons.

It will also keep you refreshed and alert to make good decisions, sleep better and stay lean.

2. Drink one glass of red wine ONLY! While you can drink you will only be able to drink one glass of red wine while losing body fat/ belly fat/ weight.

The reason. Because red wine had the micronutrients 5 HTP and melatonin. These micronutrients will actually help you sleep. I’m turn they will help you to lose weight quicker as you will only drink one glass per night as this will allow you to drink and still lose 1kg of fat, belly fat or weight.

Other alcoholic drinks do have less calories but they will not help you to lose weight. A good choice of red wine would be Pinot Noir as its lower in calories for a red wine and a good choice to have.

It is also a drink you can have with Dinner rather than at a party context which should be avoided while trying to lose weight of fat.

3.  Workout 3 times a week to lose body fat.

Only train major muscle groups which are the legs, glutes, back and chest as well as shoulders. If you really want to train 4 times or more simply add core and arms for even better shape. But don’t think more exercise means you more alcohol as it simply won’t work.

Research shows that training all major muscle groups and core for 3 sets by 10 – 15 maximum lifts is most effective for shaping your body up and losing bodyfat.

4  Do eat a high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrate nutrition and fat/weight loss plan.

High protein will help you recover your muscles properly and in turn help speed up your metabolism.

Protein will also help you to feel full. So do eat protein in every meal you do have.

For breakfast good forms of protein are eggs and cottage cheese. The best protein to have after workouts is either whey or pea protein depending on your gut and its ability to digest dairy or not.

If dairy isn’t ideal for you have pea protein instead of whey.

For lunch salmon is the best protein as it is high in fats and protein and is also a great source of omega oils.

For dinner, turkey is the best form of protein to have as it is lean and low in fat and also has tryptophan which allows you to release serotonin. Serotonin will help you relax and also sleep better helping you with your weight or fat loss.

Moderate fats are crucial for your hormones like testosterone and for fat burning. They will also be stored as great energy during the day.

Don’t eat fats after 4pm.

Do eat fats before 4pm.

The best fats to have for breakfast are eggs. Later in the day do eat some olives and an avocado with your high protein meal and vegetables.

Vegetables are crucial for you to be able to drink alcohol safely and effectively burn fat fast. They will also help with the digestion of thr proteins as well as your ability to detoxify and burn fat fast.

Eating vegetables will give you more energy as they will help absorb and transport the other nutrients and foods that you do eat.

For breakfast have tomatoes in the morning as they go well with eggs and are higher in carbohydrates so will be better consumed early in the day when you are more active.

In the afternoon eat Bell peppers which are moderate on the glyciemic index and are good for fat burning. Also have a cucumber as it’s the highest vegetable in alkaline helping you detox, cleanse and burn fat.

Clearly drink water, lots of it throughout the day to help with the cleaning process.

In the evening eat broccoli, cauliflower and spinach as they are better when cooked and more convenient when you are at home cooking. They are anti-ostrogenic and will help with your hormones being happy and in turn reducing puffiness and inflammation from the body.

If you would like more tips on how to adopt this into your lifestyle. Please contact me by phone, email or instagram.

I will help you with mindset and also changing habits and exercise choice and techniques to customise the best choices for you to get the best body and version of yourself you could possibly get.