At AWPTS we pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke personal training service and experience. We understand that our clients expect high-quality trainers that deliver results in a comfortable environment.

Here are five common annoyances you can avoid by training at AWPTS:

1# Waiting For Equipment

Easily one of the worst parts of training in a commercial gym is waiting for machines and equipment. At AWPTS we provide high-quality and specialised equipment available whenever the trainer needs it, so clients get the results they want and no time is wasted.

2# Bad Hygiene

Training in a studio that is exclusive to personal trainers, like AWPTS, means you won’t have to put up with hundreds of sweaty people forgetting to wipe down equipment, leaving weights on the floor, or clogging up the showers with excess body hair. At AWPTS we provide clean towels, a sauna, an in-house masseuse, and an excellent shower facility so that you can sweat, rinse and repeat in peace and cleanliness.

3# Lack Of Privacy

At AWPTS our studio is small and private meaning our clients never feel uncomfortable or that they are being judged. Instead, our clients build close-nit relationships with other clients and members of the AWPTS team, who are always open for a quick chat or for sharing some training wisdom.

4# Lazy Days

When you hire an AWPTS personal trainer you will never have one of those lazy days in the gym again. Most people who go to the gym never actually train with either the correct form or to a high enough intensity. By hiring a personal trainer, not only will you be exercising more safely but also you’ll also be consistently motivated and pushed harder than ever before and so your goals are achieved a lot faster.

5# Poor Advice

It’s very kind and humbling that some people like to give out advice to other gym goers but if they’re not qualified and don’t really know much about you, then more than likely their advice is going to do more damage than good. At AWPTS, our clients are surrounded by London’s top fitness experts and not the local meathead, so the advice you receive is legit and backed by years of experience.

If you’re fed up with your current fitness setup and want to avoid the above irritations then check out our training packages available online here.

Stay Healthy,

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