Whether you are a beginner in the gym or you have been training for years. Getting a personal trainer can be worth its weight in Gold. The progress available in helping you reach your goals is outstanding, as there are many benefits that a professional provides. You may think personal training is a luxury yet it is so much more. It must be results based and an investment in your health, fitness and phsique.

Here are 5 benefits in purchasing Personal Training:


When you need motivation and encouragement to get you through those days that are tough on your diet and your exercise routine they are important for you mentally and physically. They will listen to your goals, your doubts and frustrations and pay attention to what you need to progress. They are there to make sure that what you do is effective, the best way towards progress and also safe and efficient. The help you need is there for you to make the neccessary adjustments in your habits, your food and technique.

2. Challenge

Secondly a good personal trainer will give you the right amount of challenge. You will be challenged to push yourself out of your comfort zone, as we know that is where we grow the most mentally and physically. Having an external motivator is encouraging and a sure way to progress faster than being left by yourself to do it.

3. Inform

One of the reasons for working with a trainer is to inform you on all aspects of health and fitness. This included nutrition and exercise execution for you to reach your goal. You will also need workout programming and daily habit adjustments – this will give you a proper understanding of what is required of you to reach your goal. For beginners this is super important. This shortcuts you from years of experience and you will Master this in fewer years than learning by yourself.

4. Accountability

Holding yourself accountabble will help you lose your weight 30% more effectively. The highest standard of accountability is having a personal training fitness coach because he or she will keep you on track.
When there is someone there overseeing everthing that you are doing and logging your habits and progress, you are more likely to stay consistent and stick to your desired shape and plan. If you have made an appointment or schedule to see your trainer you are more likely to honour that. As opposed to if it was just you going to the gym and doing everything by yourself.

If you have a nutrition goal with your fitness coach you are more likely to stick to it. Also you don’t want to let your PT down.

5. Keeping it real!

Also your PT will be honest with you about what you can achieve within a certain timeframe for you to reach your desired goals. They will show you how to minimise wasted times and actions so that you can maximize your results. This is a ‘tough love’ approach with a sometimes needed dose of reality to get you where you need to be.I have educated myself with the best via courses and education as well as years of experiences with my clients and on my own. I measure myself on the quality of my results and the value I deliver to my clients. I am invested in your progress more than you are and dedicated to getting you the shape that you want. Results through connection not just chit chat.

If you want world class personal training, see how I can fit all the boxes and help you, simply enquire below.