I believe to get yourself the best results you want you need to get a coach or a personal trainer to at least support and track your progress.

Here are five questions to ask your personal trainer to get you on the same page and laser focused on what is is you want to achieve:

What do I need to do to get the results I want?

It’s always good to bond mentally with your trainer so you get each others philosophy and mindset in how to reach their goals. The trainer is focused on training in the way you are focused on your career so hopefully he or she is good and knows what he or she is talking about.

How and what should I be eating?

Everyone says they eat healthy, even people who clearly don’t have a good diet. I’ve noticed people simply deny that the food they eat damages there health. I know it’s painful at times to be truthful about what you eat but you have to work with honesty and commitment no matter how hard it is because you want to be truthful and bond with your trainer and have trust. If he or she is a good coach they will understand and support and challenge you depending on when and which approach is needed.

What exercises will we be doing and why?

I like this question because it helps you mentally focus and it helps you see and feel internally what’s going to work for you and even to understand what’s going to work for you. Each movement will have a ‘why’ and that will motivate you.

What do I need to do to stay mobile?

This is an important question because even if you are training 4 or 5 times a week with your trainer and I have many clients who do train that way, there are a lot of hours outside of this time where your client is sitting at a desk and not mobile. Your trainer and your team of rehab specialists will know where you are too tight or tense in the body and there are certain stretches and movements each person will need to keep them mobile so that they can physically and mentally functional at all times.

How much will this programme cost me per day, per week, per month or per year?

Now this may sound strange but this is an absolutely crucial question because you have your body for life and you may have a trainer for life if you can workout a budget that works for you in the long term, even if it is a maintenance program. You need to be fully prepared, mentally, physically and financially as that’s the reality we live in. There is no point training 5 x a week for a month and never seeing a trainer again or keeping up the training routine. Workout what your budget is per month for personal training and whether it’s daily training or monthly training your trainer can adjust your plans for the long term and train you to the best of his or her ability based on your commitment.

Train hard and ask questions!