I get asked by trainers how can you improve your business and get a personal training studio up and running and profitable, there are a few ideas I can share:

1. Get a great location that has an audience that is either residential or corporate and then work out your numerics, e.g. how much the rent, lease or business rates will be, how many clients and trainers you have, how much money you will make, profits and then cash flow.

2. Get Online And Be Findable – Without a website and web development you are slowing your business down, I actually built my business without a website initially and thats only simply because I’m a people person and love selling so I literally went outside looking for people. If I didn’t have the ability to network there would be no way I could run a studio, so if this isn’t your style you definitely need a website with social media including Facebook, Youtube and instagram and getting blogging or vlogging.  You have to do the 10 year long game of building your online presense through content marketing to build awareness of your services and products.

3. Back to the actual studio, constantly invest and reinvest in your studio facilities and equipment, this is a massive client builder and word of mouth will be so powerful it’s almost like internal advertising, this was a massive breakthrough for me.

4. Build Community Around Your Business – Not only must you trust your trainers skills and behaviour but you have to love their company because if you don’t it creates tension, so build and develop a team that you’re proud to be around and willing to grow and succeed together.

5. Keep updating your skillsets so that you can train your trainers and develop their skills and serve your clients in the best way possible.

If you are a trainer, a gym owner or someone who wants to build a business in the fitness industry come and see me for a 1:1 session as I would love to help you grow your business with your specific or individual requirements as material here is generically useful but you may have some personal and individual challenges or breakthroughs to overcome and I get great pleasure in helping other trainings to enjoy their work but most important improve the health and lives of their clients.