There is not any concrete evidence that you can eliminate cellulite from your body but there are ways to improve cellulite from the back of the legs and butt.

1 do exercises that work that area and around that area first.

Exercises like around the clock lunges. Goblet squats, single leg deadlifts, burpees, single leg hip extensions with skipping will help with muscle sculpting.

Of course you will have to reduce bodyfat to reduce fat around the muscles giving it better appearance.

2 hydration, by drinking 2 or 3 litres a day depending on how active you are will leave you hydrated and will help you burn fat and reduce and regulate your appetite.

3 massage and lympatic massage can help with circulation and flushing out toxins as well as dry brush exfoliation and also algaed ingested or massaged into the skin.

4 Circulation of the body by regular walking, skipping, bouncing and jumping to get your bottom off of a chair and circulating blood and oxygen rather than being stagnant.

5 Avoiding sugary foods and drinks as sugars get stored on to fat cells and can cause fat cells to expand and make cellulite worse.