Here are 5 tips to combat and possibly reduce cellulite

1 Exercise. This helps because training major muscles will help with sculpting muscles and losing bodyfat. The exercise I would pick are around the clock lunges to target the different directions of the butt and its a good way to shaoe the legs.

Goblet squats and single leg deadlifts. Burpees and single leg hip extensions.

2 Hydration by drinking 1.5 to 3 litres depending on activity levels. Drinking lots of water helps with reducing and regulating hunger and also helps with burning fat and fat loss.

3 Massage and lymphatic drainage as well as dry brush exfoliation can all help with flushing toxins from the skin and acid from the muscles helping with circulation. Also try green and red algaes via the skin or ingested.

4 Avoid sitting down for too many hours without getting up. To help with this I like to skip, jump, bounce, dance and walk. All of these help with circulation and stop being stagnant and having a lazy bottom.

5 Avoid sugar. Sugary food and drink can be problematic as sugar can store on to fat cells and in turn increase the size of them.