Don’t give up on your dream shape. Here are 5 ways to empower you to get there.


Life is hard and challenging. Our lifestyles are hectic and we are constantly juggling. Either with our values, or our schedules or with the relationships of our lives.

No one starts disempowered or with limited beliefs about getting to where we want to achieve with anything, especially not our health and fitness. As kids we play and our enthusiastic. Being fit is natural, it’s an expression of joy, challenge, play and movement.


Why do people give up on their ideal shape and health?


Giving up on our bodies and dreams can be quite human, and common.

Yet none of these reasons can actually stop you from achieving your dreams. Really the solution is in our beliefs. When we fix them we can overcome these hurdles.

Hurdle 1

People suffer from a fear of failure. Once we learn overcome our fear of failure we can start and jump the hurdles.

Hurdle 2

People don’t believe in you and you don’t have any supportive friends. Don’t give up, instead use this as fuel to go for your dream body.


Hurdle 3

Boredom. If you experience boredom it means that you haven’t given yourself an inspiring enough dream. Or, it isn’t your dream. People have told you what you want and you think you want that. So. Here’s the time to find out exactly what it is you do want. Ask yourself.  What do I want? Write it down.


Hurdle 4


Plateaus. Everyone goes through plateaus from top athletes to bodybuilders and personal trainers. Even businessmen. It doesn’t matter who you are that’s part of being human. What’s more important is what we do with the plateau. Recognise it and patiently overcome come it. That’s what we must do.


Hurdle 5

People crave comfort. We are scared of failing and putting the pressure cooker on. We like certainty. So what do we do? We must take action to break the comfort and go beyond.




It is easier to give up and more comfortable. However, giving up is not fulfilling. So here are some reasons to not give up on your dream body.

Reason 1

Growth is essential for life for us to feel good about ourself. We get purpose from growth and therefore feel more alive.


Reason 2


You don’t know how close you are to your dream body goals and shape. You could be one baby step away from your goals. Another way to look at it, is this. If you take one more baby step you could get there.  We reach our goals by baby steps.


Reason 3


Regret. None of us want to live in regret. Giving up could cause us to feel regret. We would always be thinking back in the past and living in the past.  We must go for what we want so we don’t live in regret.


Reason 4


Reward. If we reach our target, our goals. Our ideal shape. We will feel so proud. For instance, when we reach our goals we live in joy because we achieved what we aimed for.


Having the dedication to reach your ideal shape takes courage, hard work and dedication. Focus on it and you will get there.


1 Change Your Story

When we change our story and our beliefs. We then change how we think. When we change how we think we take action on better approaches until we reach our ideals.

2 Connect To Your Purpose

We don’t fail because we have goals. We fail because we haven’t connected to our real purpose for getting fit. Why do you want to get fit and in shape? When you can connect to this and make a decision. Take action and do this again and again. You will stay motivated and action yourself to success.

3 Obstacles must become opportunities.

Turning obstacles into opportunities is important because that way we change our perspectives. When we change our perspectives, we change our decisions and actions so we can be inspired by challenges.

4 Strategy

We must make a plan of action and strategy so we know what to do on a daily basis to win our fitness journey and life journey.

5 Celebrate and appreciate

We have to celebrate our wins on a daily basis. Celebrating and appreciating our wins builds our confidence and competence to reach our ideal shape and also mindset.


If you want a personal strategy and coach. I am looking for one other client so I can help change your body, your life and your thinking.


Hope to see you very soon.