Here’s a list of  6 supplements taken straight from my latest Ebook: Lean Warrior Programme – Combating The Oesotrgen Effect. These are all great for reducing inflammation in the body and balancing out your hormones especially if you’re oestrogen dominant and want to get lean.

1. Zinc is a mineral which enhances testosterone and also helps to reduce oestrogen dominance.  The best time to take it is in the morning with your breakfast and with water.

<<Zinc Here>>

2. Multivitamins with iron for women and without for men, as this supplements covers us from general deficiencies from essential minerals. Take one of these with breakfast and one with dinner.

<<Womens Multivitamins Here>>

<<Mens Multivitamins Here>>

3. D3 is used because it lowers excessive oestrogen and boosts the immune system and is particularly useful when we are not exposed to sunlight. Use this every 3 days and take it with breakfast on Mondays and Thursdays in the middle of the meal so that is digested properly.

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4. BCAA helps to increase your testosterone and energy levels during the workout which  increases your fat burner potential resulting in a leaner body and increased time to fatigue.

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5. Vitamin C is fantastic for the immune system, for recovery and particularly for high testosterone levels, when ill with symptoms like colds and flus take it with every meal until your immune system is strong and the symptoms have gone away.

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6. Probiotics helps introduce live bacteria in the gut which helps with any gut issues and also leaky gut. Avoid yoghurts as dairy can cause inflammation and a lot of people are unaware that they suffer from lactose intolerance.

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To get the full effect of this supplement plan I suggest you use it in conjunction with my Lean Warrior Ebook which also includes the following:

– A 21 Day Proven Exercise Programme

– A 21 Day Nutrition & Fluid Plan

– 27 How-To Video Exercises & Descriptions Included

– Assessment Protocols To Log Your Progress

– Full Detailed Food & Supplement Shopping Lists

– Ongoing Online Support


This works for both men and women and the results speak for them self


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Happy Training!

– Adam White

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