If you are going to be successful in influencing others within the lifestyle and fitness arena —even if it’s just to buy your point of view—you must become proficient at building trust.

When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, your client is putting their health and well-being in to your hands and so it’s up to you to demonstrate your value and expertise and show that you’re the man/women for the job.

Here are five ways to build trust and rapport with potential clients online and face-to-face:


#1 Show Empathy.

When a clients comes in to see you for the first time, they don’t want to be bombarded with a stream of facts and figures for what they have been doing wrong or how much it’s going to cost them to fix it, instead learn to listen and understand what it is they want and how working together you can achieve it.

#2 Be Generous.

Always offer advice wherever you can. Showing that you care and are passionate enough to help others without reimbursement is a great way to build new relationships and create trust.

#3 Tell The Truth.

In the fitness industry, it’s very easy to knock together a before and after picture of a clients amazing transformation and then use it to tell others that they can achieve the same just as quickly. Unfortunately, no two people are alike. Just because something worked amazingly well for one client doesn’t mean it will for another. Tell the truth and be honest with what you believe your client can achieve in X amount of weeks/months, that way nobody gets let down and you’re not just another gimmicky personal trainer.

#4 Honor Your Word.

If you commit to helping your client to lose 20 pounds or improve their posture then you have to make it happen. If you can’t, then you have to let your client know. Make it as easy as possible for your client to understand what they will be getting from your service and keep your word.

#5 Be Transparent.

Probably one of the most important ways to gain and keep clients is to share yourself. People want to do business with someone they like. Be honest with who you are and your clients will do the same, this leads to a stronger relationships and instant rapport.

#6 Be Consistent.

When it comes to health and fitness nothing is more important that being consistent with your exercise, nutrition and performance but as a personal trainer you must also learn to be consistent with your service. If you’re turning up late for sessions or inconsistent with your instructions imagine what that says to your clients – it’s also one of the fastest ways to lose credibility.
When you do all these things, you build trust. Trust is the lubricant that makes it possible for you to influence others, build relationships and offer a kick-ass service!
Have A Great Year,
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