Our extra New Years’ resolution is to find how to lose the Christmas weight we put on, easily enough. And we want that to happen as soon as possible.

The holiday season, especially Christmas, is a period of the year where we all put on a few pounds. And when that season ends, we want to lose the Christmas weight as fast as we put it on! Here are the most effective 7 tips on how to lose those extra pounds once and for good:

Step 1:

Set your goal in the affirmative

I am in great shape. I am full of energy. Whatever it is you want as a goal or desire, state it is affirmative. According to Psychology Today, affirmations can help you achieve what you desire.

Step 2:

Schedule in your new year diary your gym workout, your personal training session or a 5k run.
When something is going to happen, write it down. Make it work, the faster you do it, the faster the results you want will be.

Step 3:

Look at what foods make you more productive, stronger, in better energy or shape and make a list of them. Try shopping and having them ready so when you are stressed or in a hurry, you have a better alternative ready.
That way, you will always have healthy choices as an alternative and the weight will drop naturally and so fast because you won’t stress over it.

Step 4:

Eat more greens and drink more water as they will clean your body from the toxins and junk enjoyed from sugars and alcohol consumed over Christmas and New Year.
Because once more, water, the right diet and exercise are our strongest allies.

Step 5:

Plan a schedule and do a minimum of 3 workouts each week to get healthy. If you cant, don’t be discouraged. Start small, even 1 time a week but ultimately you want to reach a minimum of 3 x a week for good health and the fastest and most effective results.

Step 6:

Take up meditation (either it’s guided meditation or with an expert), as it reduces stress and cortisol and will help you lose weight but also improve your posture just by relaxing.

Step 7:

The last and most important step is to make the change now and see for yourself that well-being is not a chore, is a state of mind.
We only have one body so we must make sure that we take care of it! Book an appointment with me and I’ll show you an effective, enjoyable, and life-improving way to do so.
My secrets on how to lose the Christmas weight fast and for good lay in your desire to make it happen!


Happy Training,
Adam White