Are abs really made in the kitchen? It’s time to investigate the 70-30 statement in order to achieve your fitness goals.

A lot of people seem to believe that if you stick to 70% diet and 30% training, only then will you achieve the dream body. And I have to say, over the years and numerous clients, I have the answer to that rule.

The truth is, that after my experiences as a health coach and as a personal trainer, the 70-30 rule is true indeed.

I’m absolutely convinced of this, simply by personal experiences and years and years of seeing clients who succeeded in results and ones that didn’t shape up as much they wanted to.
I recently bought a 30-day weight loss plan from Arbonne. I started the supplements and decided to take before and after pictures. I gave it one month to take my after picture.
I planned out and structured my diet with my friend Flavia.


When you have someone to share your fitness goals with, it’s always easier to achieve them, because you share the motivation and the discipline.


It’s been a week already under the diet and I have lost 2kg. I am doing the same exercises I used to because my exercises are structured and performance-based to my goals with an intention.
One month before and after pictures and a month supply of weight loss supplements, to help with the digestive system and putting great nutrients in, with the aid of cooking and structuring my nutrition.
I experienced way better results. A first, I felt exhausted, I felt my stomach shrinking as if a corset was pulling it! Now, my energy and focus have gone up, my stomach is leaner and my face is slimmer and less puffy!


This, of course, makes me feel more joyful, more proud of myself, more confident. Because I saw the results of my hard work.


Does that mean that there is no point of exercising then? It depends on your goal. A good diet makes you healthy but exercise makes you strong and firm. Exercise makes you feel more energized, gives you a confidence boost and helps with your psychological well-being.
So between exercise and diet, the winner is the combination of both.
However, I once heard someone saying that ” bad exercise is better than no exercise ”. I strongly disagree with that statement. Bad exercise is doing online programmes and not knowing what are you doing, can cause numerous problems.
It can actually send you to the hospital with one bad move. The pain caused by your injury will drain your confidence and productivity away.
Great exercise will supercharge your brain, body, posture, your looks, energy, well-being etc. When you feel stronger, firmer and more mobile, you will simply never stop exercising.
If you want an amazing life, I can show you the way to change your lifestyle once and for all.