How important is it to start your day with confidence?

It can be hard to face challenging days -but negative emotions can be overcome by changing your actions, which will change your feelings.

How do you view each morning?

If the thought if getting out of bed is a struggle, the feeling is likey to carry through for the rest of the day.

The solution

With an effective morning ritual, the day can be set in motion with a more positive outlook.

Why is it good to have a positive start to the day?

The quality of your rituals has impact on your thoughts and feelings. In turn, that directs the start to your vibe.

The thoughts we have change the feelings and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, and what actions we will take.

The states of mind we visit determine whether we take the best actions to make the day.

Choosing a better outlook is possible. Here is how to do this.

Firstly, change your habits.

1. I like to weigh myself first thing in the morning. However, more importantly I will send the reading to my pt or coach that I am working with.

This weigh-in is now accountable and therefore transformative because it declares where I am at.

2. Secondly I tidy my bed. That will be my first win to the day as its my first accomplishment. This will help me to feel good about myself.

3. Third. To change my physiology a shower helps me to change my state. As when you shower you freshen up and can change body temperature from warm to relax, to cool to perk up and then to colder to wake up energised. You can then heat it up comfort yourself again.

4. Exercise

Exercise is another one of my top to do’s. I like a combination of calisthenics, weights, core and balance work. If I am in a rush. Even a short 30 minute workout will pick me up. Moving your body will be challenging and intense but it will raise your happiness.

Exercise helps firm our skin, muscle and benefits overall wellbeing. It can help with moods and anxiety. Research also proves it to help us live longer and better quality lives.

5. Meditation

Meditation is another great practice. We can become more aware, focused and productive with as little as 10 minutes of stillness, closed eyes and deep breathing.

6. Journalling.

Documenting what you have done well is powerful. Think of one thing you habe done well for yourself or another person. This is the beginning of that winning mood at the start of the day.

7. Goal setting.

I like to listen to something inspiring and write my top 10 goals of the day. Do this for your day, your life and do it everyday. This will allow you to fine tune and better the expression to your hearts desire. It also makes us more focused, more confident and happier.

8. Reading

I like to read something inspiring every night and also every morning. This helps me start the day feeling inspired and lifted.

Becoming more confident about ourselves can be hard. Whether it is facing our moods, our habits, our bodies or our doubts.

This is why a life and fitness coach is helpful. With assistance of a fitness coach you can effectively map out new insights and habits moving you to more confidence. Also you will get the insight of an experienced professional. Assisting you in setting goals, actioning them and holding yourself accountable as a team.

This brings about healthy positive changes to your day and ultimately to your life.

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