A champion’s mindset takes commitment, hard work, constant action and unstoppable patient until the outcome is achieved.

Usually it comes with a lot of sacrifice, or if you prefer the idea it comes with taking on your highest priorities and neglecting lower ones.

It takes committing to the cause without immediately getting results, sometimes you want to get slimmer, you want to get richer or closer to someone but that doesn’t mean just because you desire that to be so it will happen. In a way a champion is taking constant action but also sometimes having to go with the flow and simply observing where the actions have lead them and whether they have gone in the right direction or if they simply need to take an alternate route.

Championship comes from a skill set, from the endurance of repetitions and power to get you from A to B, now when I talk about being a champion, I’m talking about being your own champion, as a businessman or woman, as an athlete, as a mother or father, or however you would describe a champion.

I believe we are all champions, all in different ways as we have been given and have different talents, capabilities and ways of thinking.

Ask yourself, what is it that you want to be a champion of? Your work, your health, being a parent or a partner? They all come with planning, on paper, thinking, learning, tweaking and doing that thing until you get to where you want to go.