there are a few things i like about yoga, the breathing, the slow tempo and the meditative ways. it requires strength and flexibility.  so what I’m looking at is how can we complement yoga using weight lifting, bodybuilding and conditioning. one definite exercise that i would put on a regular basis is the overhead squat, check out my instagram account, adam_anthony_white and you can watch me filming Kasia Jay doing an overhead squat, its a good one. and the movement is great for keeping the spine and all the muscles supporting the spine for it to remain strong, powerful, like i said before, yoga is great for the contraction, expansion, lengthening, shortening, bending and twisting of the spine but what it doesn’t address is the strength and power of the spine as well as all the muscles supporting it, so over head squats are essential.


1 overhead squats

2 side bends or side raises from a hyperextension platform


this is great for the side bending of the spine, its great for mobility, strengthening and health of the spine and the obliques or waist if you will. also if you want to contact me regarding this exercise feel free to do so.


3 stiff legged deadlifts, in yoga there are a lot of forward bends and hamstrings stretches which is great, what i want for you ladies and gents, is to be flexible but also to be strong, so a stiff legged deadlift allows you to use your glutes and hamstring and lower back, you wont get as deep a stretch as forward bend and i don’t want you to with weight but if done strictly you will strengthen and lengthen your muscles allowing you more control and power and composure in your yoga postures.

4back squats, this is an essential exercise for everyone, elderly people who want to function properly, athletes who want to perform and anyone who wants to be strong and healthy, this is a must do exercise and when done properly will improve your posture, if you want to do proper back squats come and find me for training or get the advice of an actual olympic lifter, not a cross fitter, as they can teach you how to do proper back squats and this is crucial for health for anyone of any age.


5 pistol squats holding your leg straight, this is great for healthy knees, proper function of the body from the foot all the way up to the hip and great for the glutes, another essential exercise and to make it easier you can do it off of a box or chair or bench.


6 single leg deadlifts, fantastic for the hamstrings core and balance and will help you tune into how to use your hips, feet and core together, great for sports and functionality

7 overhead barbell lateral lunges, great for the inner thigh and for your posture at the same time, if you want please request for me to do a video on this and i will be happy to do so

8 deep breathing, sitting upright and on the edge of the chair, good for working the lower back and holding yourself upright and a perfect opportunity to meditate and reduce cortisol during your workout


9 hip flexor stretches, there are 3 great ones, the one to open up the hip flexor such as spidermans, then a spiderman with and overhead raise, another with a twist, another with a side bend they work wonders for opening up the body

10 sit ups , as this is quite a functional exercise despite what a lot of people in the fitness industry say, as like squats its a daily way that young and elderly people get up as does everyone else, so quite useful to practice and condition to avoid lifestyle injjuries

11 back extensions to do the opposite and to work the functionality of the entire back

12 reverse flyes off of the bench, muscles worked from the posterior chain, behind us, that we can’t see that are wonderful to keep us conditioned and holding our chest high and our shoulders back

13 lucky number 13, russian twists to get us to mobilise the spine using a twisting motion

try this out for great posture, shape and core

14 end the workout with 5 minutes of closed eyed meditation to reduce cortisol and regain a sense of purpose


happy training ladies and gents


Adam x