The goal of this fitness programme is to get you in a strong and fit shape which provides strength, fitness and a lean look instead of looking chunky.

The aim is for longer and trimmer looking muscles.

For the glutes, step-ups are essential and amazing for great shape in the butt, great cardio fitness and awesome figure. Step-ups also work on coordination and balance, as you use your legs individually.

Leg raises from a chin-up bar to lengthen the spine and improve posture at the same time as strengthening the lower abdomen.

Push-up planks will give women a lean look in the triceps and also working the core to draw in.

Single leg deadlifts to work the hamstrings, glutes and posture.

Followed by hex bar deadlifts for great overall strength. Then do this as a circuit of 3 or 4 times and you can then add skipping or running for 20 minutes after for fat burning at a regular tempo.