i see a lot of people who want to lose weight and then what they do is go running, don’t get me wrong i love running but for people who are trying to lose weight sometimes this can be a very bad idea, from bad heels, tendonitis, knee damage, and back pain and sometimes even hip problems.

from what I’ve noticed cycling seems to be the safest cardiovascular choice of exercise, but then the only other problem is if thats the only form of exercise i believe it would lead to poor posture. so for people trying to lose weight i recommend they cycle either for cardiovascular fitness or they can do interval sprints, personally i find them both beneficial so encourage both, but recommend a lot of hamstring work in both flexibility and strength. also to counter the poor posture of cycling i would encourage back extensions and glute bridges to help with weak or painful lower backs.

also in terms of core I’m a big believer of doing exercises that lengthen and stretch you while exercising core which is why i also recommend pilates and yoga movements that include side bends.

cycle 10 minutes
seated rows
leg curls
toe touches
side bends
glute bridges
back extensions
dumbbell squats

these are all exercises that i would recommend to someone trying to lose weight or fat, but of course every individual is different so some may be more flexible, others stronger and so injuries, abilities and skillets may vary.