A low calorie diet is not always the remedy for optimum health in the long term. A low calorie diet is great for helping to simplify diets.


If I want to get myself or my clients slimmer and shapely or out of bad health and into good health quickly.


So what does a low calorie diet consist of?

Well we need to include foods that arent to high in calories, in moderation and also that are healthy.


I have made a list of foods that are moderate and low in calories, that pack a punch for energy and recovery.

These are foods I reccomend so that you can keep youself full and and get in shape.

I’ll start with protien


Protein helps build your lean muscle mass and keep you youthful and in shape. Proteins comes in the form of meat and fish, dairy and beans and legumes.

For meat eaters I reccomend turkey and chicken. They are lean, high in protein and low in fat. I also reccomend the foods below that pesceterians, vegetarians and vegans eat as I am looking at quality foods across all the food and lifestyle choices.

For pescetarians I reccomend mainly white fish like cod and halibut as they are both filling and high in protein and lean in calories.

I will also add salmon here as even though its moderate in calories and fat, it is a superb food. Salmon has omega 3 oils, is high in protein, filling and also helps the bodies supply of vitamin D.

For vegeterians I reccomend cottage cheese because it is high in protein and low in calories. It also helps with relaxing our moods due to trytophan a micronutrient that helps release dopamine in our bodies.

I also reccomend eggs as they are high in fat and protein and good for energy and keeping slim and strong.

For vegans I reccomend quinoa as it is high in protein and carbs so is a good source of energy and amono acids helping with energy, keeping lean and recovery.

Beans, lentils and peas as they are all packing protein. Also good for our digestive system’s helping us stay lean and strong and slim.


Carbs are great for energy, for your brains, hormones and your performance and health.

Here is my list.

Broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, spinach. These foods have alkaline helping with our ph balance.

They help us with the detoxifying process. They help with cleansing. They help with slimming too as they reduce inflammation, bloating and puffiness.

These are food that will help me feel full and have lots of energy.