Core work isn’t just about looking good…

1. It keeps you upright and helps to improve your posture
2. It can also help with neck weakness and shoulder issues not addressed in weight lifting
3. It’s incredible for any sports performance and lifestyle function from a 200m sprinter to a financial worker who sits at his or her desk for 16 hours a day
4. It creates stability and strength throughout the body
5. It firms the waist, the abdominal region and the entire body
6. It helps you to move more dynamically because it allows you to create, more mobility, strength, power and endurance in your torso or trunk
7. It gives you a lean and athletic look, some people have huge muscles but they also have a huge gut to match because the stomach is weak

I’ve noticed a lot of people who workout and have big muscles yet seem to look fat or bloated, it seems to defeat the subject of health a little as the stomach and core area is so crucial to hollistic health.

A few action steps if this is you:

1. Eat more protein, drink more water and only eat small portions of brown rice
2. Do at least 2-3 core workouts in your routine per week
3. Workout regularly in multiple disciplines
4. Have an active lifestyle where you walk in nature even if it is for 10 minutes in the park, you’ll feel better, and sorry this category doesn’t count as a workout, walking is recreational.