Do you have awareness of what you are eating and how your body, energy and shape reacts to the food you put in your mouth?

I’m amazed in this process myself..

That us… Humans are habitual creatures and addictive ones, we like to seek and stay comfortable with certainty. Change feels like such a massive thing.

Yet it’s the little details that make the difference

If you don’t believe me quit alcohol, caffeine, sugar and dairy right now today and see if you don’t get an emotional reaction having to do so.

If you don’t, well done. You can actually say you have done the work.

Do you think you eat healthy?

And if you think you do how do you know?

Do you know because that’s what you have been told?

Or do you know because you have weighed yourself, logged in, journal and taken care and note of the effects of eating foods?

Whether the effects were positive, energising, slimming, strengthening, toning, cleansing and healing to you

OR it was making you heavy, tired, bloated, spotty, inflamed, low in energy and mood, and soft in your physique.

Do you know your ideal window for fasting, intermittent fasting, or whether you are better eating every 2 to 4 hours keeping your blood sugars and hormones level.

Or do you know a style of diet your body prefers from Keto to paleo to vegan or a calorie counted mix?

How would you know this? And have this power and love for yourself….

Through the POWER of Accountability and Coaching in Nutrition

I have had clients succeed in merely sending me pictures of the foods and drinks they have been consuming daily, why?

Because it works. Why else?

Because they become conscious and mindful of what they eat.

They also become empowered in KNOWING what’s beneficial and the EXACT benefits of these foods and they know what’s harmful, toxic, painful, destructive and their exact effects.

I’ll share my story too, I’ve learned to be in complete control of my shape, my energy, whether I want to be muscular, or ripped, or even a bit of both. How?

Through coaching, I have a personal trainer for bodybuilding who I message daily and have that accountability with.

He keeps me aware and conscious of how to celebrate or how to firm up because I know my body and the calories it needs.

I know my weight and my shape and exactly how to eat for any result I want.

Meet my client Brooke…

We know her enemies are salt and protein bars and champagne.

She’s succeeded because we discuss and text on a daily basis, holding her accountable.

She weighs herself and can see skin troubles and inflammation

She knows how to stop that and go towards shaping up daily and slimming. Getting stronger and shaping up.

I also would love that for you.

You can have power and confidence so you also can get energised and shape up when you get this aspect of your life and shape handled and, its a great feeling.

Its empowering, fulfilling and is better than quick pleasures.

For me its an enjoyment to see my clients frustration and see these results.

So if you have any questions and would like your own coaching schedule and plan and the right one for you to get that shape, the energy and lifestyle you want to get in touch with me.

We can work together or you can forget about this and continue down a frustrating road of endless weight gain and deterioration of shape health and control.

That would be unfortunate. And a painful delay or get this handled and feel fantastic look fantastic and have the walk in a room posture of a movie star

Or feel conformable naked and desired by your partner or simply love the way you look in your swimsuit or bikini

Feeling confident and amazing, the way you deserve it.

So sign up and join me for your body transformation.

Your awesome fitness journey to your best shape ever.