Advice on overcoming your gym anxiety

Working out in public can be scary, in a gym we might feel like everyone’s eyes are on us. We could feel like people are watching our every move and waiting for us to slip up.

Gym surveys showed that 2 out of 5 people feared that they would look stupid in front of others.  First of all, people feel nervous about people in the gym judging their body shape.

Working out in front of others can trigger insecurites. Fortunately their are ways to overcome your fears.

Here are some tips to confront gym fear

1.Challenge yourself by playing a game. Bet yourself that you will come out of the gym alive without any scratches.

2. Look at your fears by writing them down and asking yourself. What specifically about going to the gym scares me?  That way you can open up what it is that you are scared about.

3. Ignoring your fear is counterproductive. Instead working on feeling it and then accepting it is the way forward. This is a great way to actually feel the fear and do it anyway.

4. Acceptance of yourself and where you are now is important because you won’t put pressure on yourself. Secondly you will be ok and then encourage yourself.

5.Educate yourself. Fear is all about the uknown and uncertainty. Have a Pt there to guide you through the process and layout of the gym. That way your experiecnce wil be customised and bettered.

6.Have a plan or programme made for you with hybrid or online training. Hybrid training is a combination of, personal training and online training. Visiting for personal training with  instructed guidance is empowering.  Its a great way to become more confident. Online training is good once you have become experienced and can train on your own but want specific results you want help with.

Most importantly come with a playful and curious attitude so that you enjoy yourself and the process.  The more you enjoy yourself the better the process.