Wow did I work hard this week and the weekend is still to come!

3 Weightlifting days for building muscle,1 sprint day, 1 strength day using 5 x5, 1 core day and some Tai Chi Chuan.

Yes Tai Chi, it’s absolutely amazing, slow and a sense of feeling nature, tuning in to yourself and feeling weirdly powerful and spiritual.

Tai Chi is amazing for balance, movement and understanding the mechanics of your hips and how that extends to a strike.

It’s incredibly empowering and I’m certain that my martial arts and combat skills will improve.

Well let’s wait and see, because for the weekend ahead I have yoga, boxing, Thai boxing and more weights planned.

Quick bit of news, we now have a new AWPTS team member and a former UFC fighter who will be sharing his MMA skills and Tai Chi, try it out guys and check Nick Osipczak video!