Ideally your body will want to sleep 7-9 hours per day to help you feel energised, vital and slim. A fantastic nights sleep will help you have more energy and keep you healthy.

I also want to add that energy comes from your brain and your heart. It comes from your mental power and your psychology.

In fact, Marines the best of the best in the military are have their sleep tested and monitored for performance and how we’ll they deal with stressful and life demanding tasks.

Here are a few tips to improve your sleep quality:

One is magnesium supplements such as oil, tablet or epsom salts ideally in the evening which will calm your body and mind down.

And another thing that can help is deep breathing and thinking of your goals and celebrating them

Avoid stressful television before bed like your favourite murder series or horror before bed or blue light emitted from your mobile as you scroll through Facebook as these confuse the body by mimicking daylight which will keep you awake.