We queue to get on public transport, we queue to get coffee, we queue in traffic, we queue for lunch, we queue at the photocopier, we queue to post letters and we sometimes have to queue to walk down the street!

It is true that in this day and age we constantly have to wait our turn for things.

BUT the most heinous of things to queue for is cardio equipment in the gym. Enough of your valuable time is wasted during the day queuing for things so why add another queue to the list, especially when you are waiting for a very ineffective weight loss tool!

Unless you are maximising your intensity on the treadmill by doing things such as interval training then there are much more effective things you can be doing. Save yourself the wait (could have gone for an awful play on words, but thought better of it…) and grab some dumbbells.

Weight training is one of the most undervalued tools in Fat loss. By taking on a weight training regime you should begin to increase your muscle mass. This in turn will increase your metabolism and help to unlock your fat stores.

You should aim to perform large compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, military press, Bent over rows, and bench press (the list goes on!). The intensity of the workout should also stay high and you should aim for no more than 45s rest between sets and 60s rest between exercises and be working at a rep range of between 7/10 reps.

A great game to play is to see if you can finish your workout (fully) before the last person in the queue has finished their short jog/walk on the treadmill (or chillmill)!

So save your precious time and get your results faster with High-Intensity Weight Training.

Or better still, book some sessions with me at AWPTS and never have to queue for your workout again!