Have you ever thought about whether your clothing affects your health?  Jeans in particular being too skinny or too tight can actually do your health some damage and here’s why. If your clothing is too tight especially around the groin area it’s bad for detoxification. You have many lymph nodes around your groin area which means your natural detoxing processes can be disrupted which can lead to a reduction in testosterone.


As for movement, if your clothing is tight it will affect your range of movement. If your clothing stops you from being function and being able to move in your natural range of motion it is will eventually have a knock on affect on other parts of the body.

Think about the clothing you’re wearing  and consider how they may be affecting your flexibility and your freedom in everyday life.  Work on your flexibility always, stretch out your groin, your thighs, calves lower and upper back and you will also feel a lot better and remember if you’re at home… Get naked, take off all of that tight clothing and let your body be in its natural state, free!