so in this blog I’m writing about arm workouts for men specifically (as an arm workout I make for women would be very different to a men’s one due to women having lymph nodes under their arms and triceps area

I’m using an example to different male clients with two different programmes and needs


Client 1 has a dessicated spine from sports injuries and his workout is designed for and at my pt studio, he trains at mine 3 x a week and for arms today we did barbell curls which is really good for anyone tall especially taller than 6 foot 2 due to limb lengths. It’s the best bicep exercise for taller guys and was a staple and favourite of Arnold Zchwarznegger.

My client wanted to do a push and pull variation of Biceps and triceps alternating them, so we gave him tricep press downs and standing dumbbell curls with straight arm pull downs with completely straightened arms to hit the triceps- 4 exercises with 9 sets on each one to get a pumped effect with slow tempo and strong squeezing.


Client 2 did dumbbells as he’s away for w weeks and will use a hotel gym that only has dumbbells, benches and machines so I gave him 10 sets of 4 exercises.


1 seated bicep dumbbells curls 2 skullcrusers

3 incline curls 4 prone dumbbell tricep extensions