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4 challenges of being a personal trainer

Firstly personal training is very rewarding and fun. It does come with its challenges. Here are 5 challenges of personal training and how to manage them. 1. Firstly if you had a regular income. If you have come from a background of regular income and a 9 to 5 job

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The biggest challenges of a personal trainer

Sometimes it's hard to be a personal trainer keeping clients motivated. What have you done recently to keep your clients motivated? When was the last time you took a look at your clients goals? However it might be time to check in with their short and long term goals. Are

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Why I can’t lose weight no matter what.

A personal trainer's life can be frustrating. We are expected to be superhuman. Ripped. Strong and easy targets for body shaming. I own a gym in westminster. It's named after me and called Adam White Personal Training Studios. There was a trainer at my gym who had a client and

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5 tips to combat cellulite on the back of the legs and butt.

There is not any concrete evidence that you can eliminate cellulite from your body but there are ways to improve cellulite from the back of the legs and butt. 1 do exercises that work that area and around that area first. Exercises like around the clock lunges. Goblet squats, single

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8 reasons why online coaching is a must.

Hi! I'm going to be brief with this intro. Here is why online coaching is a must to me and I would reccomend it to you. EXPERTISE 1 I can get an expert in any field I would like to improve in and get into his/her mindset and years of

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A low calorie diet for slim legs and shapely glutes

1 LOW CALORIE DIETS A low calorie diet is not always the remedy for optimum health in the long term. A low calorie diet is great for helping to simplify diets. 2 SLIM, SHAPELY AND HEALTHY If I want to get myself or my clients slimmer and shapely or out

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3 reasons as to why I became a personal trainer.

PERSONAL TRAINING IS PERSONAL Personal training is personal. Yes of course people want to have results and want to get in shape but to stay consitent and work on dietary habits change must happen. For change to happen there must be conversation, consistency, depth and connection between the client and

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5 tips to reduce cellulite from the back of your legs and butt

Here are 5 tips to combat and possibly reduce cellulite 1 Exercise. This helps because training major muscles will help with sculpting muscles and losing bodyfat. The exercise I would pick are around the clock lunges to target the different directions of the butt and its a good way to

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Can you burn fat and build booty?

Yes you can. Put simply. By understanding your hormones and how they affect your muscular health and performance and then taking action. A food diary will keep you aware and able to account and track the foods that leave you optimal in health and muscular and mental performance. You can

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