After becoming a father I made the decision to get into the best shape I could. I tried signing up at my local fitness centre but I could not get the motivation to keep going and I was not finding it fun training on my own. I also felt that I wasn’t doing things the right way and I did not get the level of guidance I wanted. At this point I decided I would look into personal training, and I wanted it to be with the best. Adam’s name came up immediately online when searching for the best trainers in central London and his experience and credentials were impressive without doubt. When meeting him for the first time I was confident he would get me results from his extensive knowledge about the human body and nutrition – I would also be able to held accountable to keep training.

I have trained with Adam for a solid 6 months for 4 days a week and I have had incredible results (see for yourself in the pictures!). After just 2 weeks I was able to say my posture had improved massively and I have not had back pain since. Adam was able to very quickly identify the quirks of my body and how I reacted to different routines and as such was able to tune a regime that worked specifically for me. This meant that after a month my results truly sped up. By training with Adam I was able to focus completely on each exercise and not have to worry about what I was doing next, or if my form was correct.

I feel that I have absorbed a huge amount of information and knowledge from Adam that I can take with me going forward to be able to have the confidence to start training on my own. If I could only eat as cleanly as Adam would like I would be on another level completely… But even Adam can’t stop me from burgers and cheesecake…

Although my muscles have made great gains, the best gain I’ve got is a new friend. Thank you Adam!

IT Consultant