I love back and shoulder workouts as there are two ways to improve posture, a from the lower body and b from the upper body, the spine fortunately covers the whole body but to improve posture from the shoulder its very important to get the tricep locked out, and to do shoulder exercises with the emphasis of a lockout. In terms of women and shape, women notice our confidence and also a good shape in our back, butt and shoulders.

heres a workout IM playing with at the moment.

at the moment I’m trying to get lean muscle and lose a few percent of body fat but to retain and even gain as much possible as possible. SO nutritionally speaking I’m doing a high protein diet with as much greens as I can handle and as few carbs as possible mainly from rice without allowing myself to be too much weaker and therefore lose muscle mass.

So here are my ideas on building the back and shoulders.

monday wednesday and friday

back and shoulders

deadlift x 6 reps
military press x 8reps

wide grip chin ups x max reps with strict form
reverse flyes x 12 reps

bent over row x 12 reps
lateral raises x 12 reps

mid grip pull ups x max reps
arnold press standing x 8 reps

narrow grip pull ups x max reps
clean and jerk x 4 reps

one arm row x 12 reps
snatch x 2 reps

try 2 – 3 rounds of this with minimal rest