working out is all about balance of body, mind and spirit… its about feeling good and being good

so if your a lady and your slim yet weak, the balance is to get strong, if your strong and heavy its good to get flexible and light, find your strengths, find your weaknesses and find your balance.

for men you might be strong and muscular, but you may also be heavy and flabby, or if your lean, you lack strength or mass, again its about finding that balance of what makes you healthy..

theres also a balance within the workout, maybe you work your chest, legs and abs every workout, but you neglect your lower back, your back, and your arms and shoulders…

its not just about what looks good or bad in the mirror, theres also the balance of function, are all the muscles in your body and in exercises working in line of some form of ratio in a form of balance..

and then theres balance itself, can you balance when moving your feet quickly or your hands, can you balance using a single arm or leg well,

do you balance the right ratio of intervals, sports and cardio in line with your weight training

have you found what that ratio is ?

if this sounds like jargon to you, book in a session and you can find out for yourself and you will absolutely love the balance you get from good health and even balance out
your lifestyle in the process