It doesn’t matter what you want, whether it is to have great abs, incredible energy, a multi million pound business or a loving relationship. Whatever your goal may be and whatever the results you are looking for, go for them with optimism.

Not just will power and determination as they will give you the drive at the beginning but if you keep crashing and burning you will fall hard too many times and give up from associating way too much pain in taking action.

Always choose optimism followed by patience. Trust that you will get the results it just may take time. The idea that you can enjoy the process, amuse yourself, be playful and put a lot of positivity into what your doing to get there.

For example let’s say you want to improve your body. The worst way to go about it is to beat yourself up and train way too hard and exhaust and injure yourself. The key is to enjoy the process (even when it’s tough) without losing motivation. To appreciate and celebrate getting the tiniest and smallest improvements but it’s a step in the right direction nonetheless.

Always take things slowly. Be playful. Enjoy yourself and watch yourself progress slowly and daily and keep watching until a month later. 3 months later. 6 months later. 1 year later. 2 years later. 5 years later! Then celebrate and see how much you have achieved.

That’s optimism for results!