The benefits of building muscle are associated with fitness and wellness. But what’s the point of building muscle?

There are different schools of thought on muscles. There are bodybuilders, powerlifters, players in team sports, martial artists, fighters, stay-at-home mums or dads, teenagers, businesswomen, and men.

So what is the point of building muscle, if, for example, you are not a bodybuilder or powerlifter? Is there a point?

I say yes and no.


Yes on building muscle, to give you the ability to tense up, firm up the body, speed the metabolism, firm the skin, build joints and ligaments, rebalance the body, and optimise performance.

I say no and I can only say no for myself and certainly not for bodybuilders in simply building muscles for the sake of building muscles unless again you are a bodybuilder.

There’s also the world of aesthetics and vanity. In fact, research shows that certain levels of vanity keep the body healthy. I disagree only when it reaches the point where it’s being done incorrectly, out of balance, damaging the body, obsessive and out of balance with the rest of the body.

A muscular body is a fit body, relatively, building muscle in and of itself requires both stamina and strength. Therefore, there’s a place for building muscle that actually gives you performance.

Building muscle helps you to reduce fat and that allows women to slim and to me to speed up metabolisms.

For older people, it helps build the bones and firm the skin. If done correctly, for the posterior chain of the body and everything behind you, it can help you create great posture.

If you perform muscle arts and you don’t do weights or gymnastics, you may be able to do great moves in flexibility, which is where will the power and strength and speed and recovery come from.

Muscle is important. But it has to be done correctly and in place with the other aspects of the body, fitness and health.

As you can see the benefits of building muscle can be totally different, depending on an individual’s area of interest. Whichever your interest is, feel free to contact me for a free consultation to guide you through your journey!

Happy Training,