When it comes to the best cardio for weight loss at the gym, I will break it down in 3 categories.


Mostly because every person needs something different from cardio, depending on their personal level of fitness. But, the best cardio for weight loss at the gym, starts with your determination.


Cardio is, without a doubt, the oldest and yet the most effective way to ensure losing weight but also building your fitness level.

1. For people who have not been training for a long time, the bicycle is the safest choice. The bicycle has a few skill sets and you can go highly intensely without getting many injuries including issues with the knees.

2. Skipping is the other choice and a very fun one as well! Takes the ladies back to childhood years and the gentlemen into the boxing rhythm. So you are in a nostalgic journey while improving coordination! It’s also great for the feet and it helps stimulate strong bowel movements, helping in elimination and weight loss.

3. Last but not least is running! Since this is an advanced movement done well, it will require a strength and conditioning programme but is well worth it as sprints and long runs are highly effective.

A good idea would be to try them all and pick the one you have more fun with. Repetition can be mundane while exercising, so it’s important to combine those or find ways to entertain ourselves while doing so.

It requires effort, determination and strong will to not just start your fitness journey, but also to stick with it. This is where it makes all the difference.

Don’t forget that in order for you to have maximum results, it’s essential to have a healthy and balanced nutrition as well.

And while I can understand that especially in the beginning of your journey all of that can be overwhelming, I am here to support you along the way. To achieve your goals, to become healthier by the minute, just because you have the right mentality for it.

Happy training and best regards,
Adam White