Although I don’t do triathlons myself, I’ve provided the best sprint triathlon advice and trained a lot of triathletes to dramatically improve triathlon times.

It takes a little strategy and a little breakdown of what’s required to really get you your best results.

For me, there are a few things on my checklist. First things first, the endurance side you can do for each event and endure the distances without any injuries.

If there are any niggles, simply enduring the events mobility, strengthening and rehabilitation is an absolutely essential process.

What conditioning exercises will do is help improve performance for the individuals doing the events. From the very start with bodyweight exercises, one strength is achieved to create endurance in these exercises.

Perhaps by adding weights to the movements when they are too easy to do for high reps. Go back to weights to strength phases until they become endurance phases. For example, higher reps.

Next phase. The endurance, the conditioning distance, and rehabilitating have been done.
Now we want to create speed and great postures, postures to do speed with strength and then with endurance. And here’s where you break each event, individually beat their times for speed, and then beat them at all 3 events for speed.

Again, for speed, new rehabilitative balance strength and conditioning drills may be needed.

If you have come this far we are now 4 months into training and 2 months before the event, your nutrition is very important. Your shape is fired up you are already strong.

The next phase is sheer performance and improvement. Looking at how to improve performance through manipulating mobility. Treadmill, biking, and swimming drills as well as balance and strength and conditioning drills.

The most important thing is, that the best sprint triathlon advice depends on every individual and what will work best for their performance.

If you’re interested, contact me for a triathlon book for a block of sessions. Come and see your best times!

Happy Training,