First of all!  Ho ho ho to you all ladies and gents! Wishing you a fabulous festive season,  and realizing we all have good habits and bad habits and, yet we all want health that feel good factor and to look fabulous, whether to see, feel, hear  that in our selves or, for people to look at us and  think wow! or even pay you that compliment
for your new shape.

Recently on my Instagram on  Adam White PT  I did I post,  and the idea was that will power and goals  are not always reached and yet action habits and discipline may be the ways forward.

Here goes some do’s and some don’ts with habits  for a healthy lifestyle  and a great shape.

Don’t be overly hedonistic,  a lot of us especially in London have work and social parties drink and celebratory desserts. I’m going with chocolate and wine here.  Do be mindful or do calorie count or  login to MyFitnessPal and  decide to reduce  from  some of thoseluxury  foods.

Don’t punish yourself and either say f*** it let’s get loose and crazy, and don’t become a hermit  or an extremist and say I’ll never drink again or simply  I’ll never socialise again.

Instead  get back on track   and visualise  the shape you have either loved in yourself at some point in time,  in your life  or the shape of someone  else that you admire.  Or a shape you have imagined  for yourself that you would like.

Visualising is really powerful!  keep visualising until you can imagine yourself being in that shape prior to actually being in that shape.  How?  By doing it until you  feel that image  to be possible and  until  it actually excites you, because you believe it to be so.

Don’t create goals that you attempt to  try or reach for.  Instead make yourself a promise, a commitment to be healthy, wealthy, loved, whatever it is that you commit to  and desire.

Do aim to sleep  7 to 8  hours  each night. if you’re not, you may never  feel the vigor or see those pounds shed away as sleep is healing, restorative, and recuperative it’s essential to our health, and to our energy

If you eat lots of sugary toxic acidic sweet foods aim to replace them with greens, vegetables, water, and watery fruits, alkaline and fresh live foods to change your taste buds and how you feel internally

Do aim for relaxation techniques daily for as little as 5 minutes a day,  up to as much as an hour a day or visualise, nap,  meditate,  think or rest, whatever helps  you to relax and recharge your brain.

I hope this helps you and do feel free to contact me,  or get in touch for personal training or coaching to improve your diet your lifestyle habits and your exercise technique and intensity so that you can get in the best shape of your life.

Many thanks  Merry Christmas,  Happy New Year  and I hope to see you all soon.

Any questions, please feel free to call me for coaching – I’m happy to help!