Body training methods are multiplied as time passes by since it is much more preferable to have a variety of training methods we can choose from.

The other day I met another personal trainer in Gymbox and it made me realise something very important.

When you don’t experience something regularly, there are a lot of things you are not aware of.

When it comes to combat and martial arts, I’ve been coached at boxing for over a year by my boxing coach Ayo at Peak Conditioning.  When I interact with other trainers, they claim that boxing is simple. You only have 4 punches.

It made me realise that people aren’t always aware of the intricacies of certain sports, or methods. Yes, there are 4 punches but there are also 2 feet. And those two feet go forward and back to the side going left and to the side going right.

There’s internal and external rotation of the foot. There’s a slip, ducking and then there’s rolling.

My point being that there is so much more you can imagine as something being as simple as that.

A basic example is; even if i did one punch, let’s say a left jab, we now already have 8 variations with one jab, one arm, and 8 variations. Adding the other arm makes it 16 variations.

Most boxers will actually do up to 6 punches in a second and they usually get a combination that works with their limb length, hip strength, and speed. Again, I’m summarising and simplifying.

So, with already 6 punches as a sequence and 8 movements of the feet, we have 48 variations with an infinite amount of combinations. Then, there’s the movement of the hips for the punch.

For example, sinking and raising for an uppercut to generate power, twisting the hip for a cross, and internally rotating for a hook. 3 variations of the hip now give us 146 variations from one sequence. One sequence only!

Imagine if only you’d have practiced one sequence for an hour it then has to be mastered in terms of timing, response to the opponent, speed, strength, power, rhythm, coordination, and then enduring it.

The issue is that the human eye is rapid and can watch all of this but if we have never experienced or done any of this, it can be very hard to judge.

The helpful part to this is, what felt like a simple conversation gave me the realisation of how to train anyone in any sport.

By looking at what the feet, hip, and shoulders do and then conditioning and creating all these combinations until you get the result, the shape, the performance, the endurance, the strength or whatever it is that needs to be worked out.

If you would like to know more, contact me for a free consultation to give you more insight into what is the best training method for you!

And don’t forget, always take care of your nutrition when you exercise, to get the maximum possible results you are aiming for!

Happy Training,