can you get real results doing only classes the kind of classes the women predominantly go to. well yes i believe you can, i believe you can slim from them and keep slim, when your diet is correct in terms of your macronutrients. if its not you will not get the results you really want..

lets say you are already slim and believe you’ve got the results you want. well, well done. i still believe there is a missing component.. i believe to have real strength and health there is a need for strength training to give your skeleton that umph. to give your skin and structure that solidity..

yes these classes are good for fitness and for health and for sweat. and they are good when you add them to your strength and conditioning.

proper and loaded back squats are essential, rehabilitation and specific mobility and strength to imbalances. the ability to do really good shoulder dislocates and overhead squats.

having the strength to do 10 bodyweight deadlifts x 1o reps, the ability to move into a lunge and a squat correctly with mobility and strength, the ability to lift the sternum and move the scapula well and deliberately, the ability to open your hips well.. the difference key here is in the deliberate and progressive intensity to a few specific and powerful movements which will give you ability and strength in anything you do which will elevate your confidence and feel good factor..