Abdominal and core training is one of the most popular areas of focus for people who strive to get that illusive “six pack”. The abdominal muscles respond well to training, but it’s important to combine core and abdominal training with aerobic exercise to reduce the layer of fat that can cover even the most well defined muscles. Here’s a great workout to help you reveal the abs that are lurking beneath:

1) Inchworms x 10

2) High kicks straight leg x 10-20 each side

3) Push up position plank rotation (Arm up &  reach under & across) x 10 each side

4) Mountain climbers x30

5) Leg raises x 15

6) Bicycles x 40

7) Back extensions / dorsi raisers x 15

8) Sit ups x 20

3 sets of each

Finish it off with Sprints – 45secs at top speed x 5