train to look like James Bond, i was checking out Daniel Craigs body for Skyfall and looked at Simon Waterson’s programmes for Daniel Craig and then looked for the clues of what made him so good for those Bond movies, he put strength training and olympic lifts in there with bodyweight movements.

the thing about bodyweight movements is that they require absolute range and flexibility when they are complex, they strengthen joints and ligaments in a proportionate way to the body and they allow you to shift your weight and strength in different ways giving you true power.

so if you want to get truly strong get a coach to coach you properly on the deadlift, the squat, the clean and jerk, the handstand, the human flag, pistol squats, dips and chin ups… your strength and shape will both look and be amazing…

you could even use the above exercises as a programme… except they are complex which means absolutely learn to do them properly.. so send me an email and come in and train… see you soon!