a question I’m always keen to ask clients and trainers who work in my studio.. is do you save money?

your probably asking me how that has anything to do with keeping healthy and fit, however there is a strong correlation with people who save money on a regular basis in comparison to someone who is an overspender and living outside of their own means.

from what i have noticed from people who are overdrawn, or in debt or have money issues, there seems to be a lack of congruence in what they say in relation to what they do, they seem more anxious and they do not seem to commit to what they say they will do.

the trick for these people is start small and set up an automatic payment to themselves to an account they can’t touch for a year, like a blocked isa where you can put money in but you can’t take any money out.  this will get you in the discipline and the habit of doing so. and the other trick is if times are hard commit no matter what, even if its 1 percent of what you earn, thats all you need to get started

also emotional spending is very similar to emotional eating, they are both subconscious acts which you may enjoy and want momentarily but the conscious mind our long term individual has to deal with the after effects, putting on weight, chasing money, being anxious about meeting bills.  they are emotional disciplines ultimately and looking at handling spending habits and eating habits is a fantastic way to get control, balance and a feeling of being centred again in ones life.