Yes you can. Put simply. By understanding your hormones and how they affect your muscular health and performance and then taking action.

A food diary will keep you aware and able to account and track the foods that leave you optimal in health and muscular and mental performance.

You can see what harms you and causes mood swings, drops in energy and weakness of your body and immunity. Through this mindful pracrice you will and can see what cause bloating and inflammation.

On the positive you will see what raises your energy and what gives you a great, steady healthy mood and feeling inside and also that which helps you slim and build your body.

Genetics do come into it, but only as far as how quickly you respond to activity, exercise and foods and its a case of when you will succeed in your ideal shape and health and not whether you will or will not succeed.

Hormones. The way we eat does and will affect your body and your hormones. If you do not believe please read the zone by Dr Barry Sears the best simply put ideas and knowledge on how diet and foods affect us mentally, physically and hormonally.

His ideas were and are that you should balance proteins and fats and carbohydarates in EVERY single meal you have to enjoy optimised hormones and health. I absolutely agree.

From personal experience of training men and women and observing myself the best progress come from having 50 percent protein, 30 percent fats and 20 percent carbohydrates (mainly from fruit and veg).

Dr Sears would say 40 protein /30 carbs and 30 fats.

The only reason my proprtions are different is that i believe and have experienced and have seen myself and others shape up and defeat ill health with the proprtions I have mentioned.

In fact just now I logged into my fitness pal and can see protein 52% fats 24% carbs 24 % and that helps me train hard feel strong, feel mentally strong and be lean and muscular.

Obviously last and not least exercise will affect your hormones, mood and shape and sinple exercises for booty will be squats in various forms, deadlifts in various forms, hip thrusts in various forms and also donkey kicks in various forms.