Can people get in the best shape of their life drinking alcohol? Absolutely not. The alcohol has to go, it’s going to dehydrate you way too much, it’s also going to create an effect of raising insulin and cortisol up giving the waist a storage of way too much fat, so to really get a great 6 week transformation theres no way you can get the results you want in a short time.

My idea of a transformation is a massive commitment, you will train 4 x a week. you will eat a paleo style diet, you will take a before and after picture, you will also announce it on your social media so that everyone else all your peers and friends and family are expecting you to get amazing results which will get you the results as your announcing it to your world so to speak.

The training will be whole body workouts as well as specific weak body part workouts.

Believe me, the factors above with proper training will get you balanced and looking and feeling incredible, and then if you choose to get back to drinking so be it, but at least you have shown yourself what results you can get when you dedicate, discipline and commit yourself to your body shape goals.